Re/Generation Barrio Logan
A Place-based Audio Tour of Transitions & Continuities

Re/Generation Barrio Logan: A Place-based Audio Tour of Transitions and Continuities from 2007-2013 is an alternative walking tour, tracing 6 years of urban development and the transformation of a marginalized community. The tour focuses on Barrio Logan’s northwest side. Adjacent to Downtown San Diego’s revitalized East Village and the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park, these recent large-scale developments have impacted the barrio with its own wave of gentrification.

In short, this tour is a critical response to urban development focusing in on the barrio’s local response, community activism, its bourgeoning arts scene, and the endless struggle to cease environmental injustice. Through community storytelling and photography together with social media this tour aims to create an immersive, interactive, and educational user experience tracing both the transitions and continuities of Barrio Logan’s local culture and its urban landscape.